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Wedding at Masseria Calerisi

A 17th-century farmhouse transformed into a charming boutique hotel. Ancient olive trees a stone’s throw from the sea, life flowing slowly and sweetly as life should always flow. And finally, a wonderful young, romantic couple. What more do you need to fall in love with Aubrey and Ben’s wedding?

Their passports read Los Angeles, California, but their hearts beat to the rhythm of our beautiful Puglia. Never mind that the sky wasn’t the picture-perfect one with which the “heel of Italy” usually seduces its guests. The day was still perfect. Aubrey and Ben danced, rejoiced, cried, toasted, surrounded by the love of friends and family who came literally from the other side of the world just to share with them the memory of an unforgettable day.

Credit is also due to the organization of Anne Ladegast-Chiu, alias Hilde, a wedding planner of impeccable skill matched only by her charm. And what about Fluida Design and its wonderful table setup? And Giuseppe Marano, photographer, friend, a continuous source of inspiration?

To Aubrey and Ben, we wish a life full of love and pleasures. Just like this little, big day of sea, olive trees, songs.


Wedding venue: Masseria Calderisi, Puglia
Wedding planner: HILDE
Flower designer: Fluida Design
Fotografo: Giuseppe Marano

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