Hi, We are Jessica & Vlad!

Abruzzo, summer 2013: this is where the story of 2become1 begins, a team of wedding videographers who decide to take a chance and combine diverse human and professional experiences to embark on a new adventure!

There are many things that unite us. A passion for the 80s, music, cinema, books, good wine, and sunsets. We love to travel, discover new places, and immerse ourselves in traditions. We let beauty, in all its forms, inspire our work, without forgetting a touch of madness. Above all, though, we love your stories, which we transform into wedding videos as moving as a film. Want to see what we can do? Take a look at our portfolio!

We live between Pescara, Vasto, and L’Aquila. We make wedding videos in Abruzzo and many other exclusive locations in Tuscany, in Florence, Siena, in the Chianti valley, on Lake Como, in Amalfi, in Apulia, in Rome. We also work abroad.

Our style is reportage. We have various solutions available for your wedding day: read our FAQ page and, if you want to know more, contact us!



+39 333 70 34 521
+39 347 31 21 726

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