Our story

Passion and professionalism
at the service of your story

It’s a matter of crossed paths and gut feelings! That’s how the 2become1 adventure started. It was a summer afternoon in 2013 and the wish to put ourselves on the line came together with the desire to combine different human and working experiences. We are brought together by many common interests: our strong love for the 80’s, music, cinema, books, good wine and sunsets.

We love travelling, discovering new places and exploring new cultures. What really inspires our work is beauty in all its shapes but we never forget to add a touch of uniqueness.

Most of all it’s your stories that we love: we’ll turn them into very emotional wedding videos. Looking forward to seeing what we can shoot? Have a look at our portfolio!

Jessica Ballerini, video matrimonio Abruzzo, Pescara
Jessica Ballerini
Wedding videographer with ten years of experience – and ten-year-long bags under the eyes. I love analog photography, Ivan Graziani, the Po Valley's mazes and Flaiano. Reporting is my style, “Experiencing stories to pass emotions on” is my motto.
Vlad Moraru
Wedding videographer specializing in graphic and motion design. I really believe in emotions, in their capacity to inspire and enrich my experience. I love my job but my masterpiece has a name: Daniele.