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Wedding at Borgo Stomennano

Raphaela and Charles wedding in Borgo Stomennano was marked by the most typical unforeseen event: the rain. Just before dinner, heavy rain poured from the Tuscan sky (we are in Monteriggioni, Siena). Nevertheless, as often happens with such adversities, the event was an occasion to learn something more about the human heart. The two spouses kept their enthusiasm and joy untouched despite the bad weather.

Quoting an old saying, Raphaela’s father reminded everyone that if rain alternates with sun during your wedding day, the spouses will be forever happy. We are sure that the saying is going to be certainly true for Raphaela and Charles. He is British, she is Swiss, they have been living in various countries for work reasons, and have chosen Italy as the place where to declare their eternal love for each other. Specifically, they have decided for Borgo Stomennano, how could it be otherwise? The ancient hamlet lies on Etruscan and Roman ruins, still visible today. Its history is documented since 1059, when it appeared to be a Roman outpost; its characters and events are recorded in the Vatican archives.

The location is dominated by a 17th-century villa. Here the two spouses got ready for the ceremony, which was held at the Abbey of Santi Salvatore e Cimino in Abbadia a Isola, another small enchanted village near Monteriggioni. The brunch took instead place at Ebbio Villa and Organic Farm, where the couple and the guests enjoyed some relaxing time while sipping a glass of excellent Tuscan wine.

It was then time to return to Borgo Stomennano for the aperitivo, the unexpected rain, and finally the dinner and the party. At the party, Raphaela and Charles wore respectively a cat and an owl masks, revealing their childlike pure joy. It was the peak of a perfect day, that not even the bad weather had been able to spoil. The credit goes also to Cristina Ditta’s The Wedding Care and to the makeup, hair, and music of Roxy Rose. Our friend Monica Leggio joined us in narrating one of the most beautiful marriage of the year.


Videographers: Jessica & Vlad – 2Become1
W. Planner: The wedding Care – Cristina Ditta
Photographer: Monica Leggio
Flower Designer: Fleur Decor – Anna Circhetta
Location: Borgo Stomennano
MUA: Roxy Rose

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