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Venice in love

Romantic, radiant, picturesque. And also melancholic, just enough to give it an added allure. Words to describe Venice always fall short, and any description might risk paling in comparison to the magnificence of the city of the Doges, of Casanova, St. Mark’s Square, the Grand Canal.

It’s in this magnificent setting that we chose to set the love story of two young newlyweds. Immersed in Venice’s elegant and slightly ethereal atmospheres, the two play, get lost, and explore the city. Between sophisticated aperitifs, gondola rides, strolls through the alleys, and the grandeur of Palazzo Bauer, the lovers delve into their feelings, lulled by a gentle music, the song that Venice whispers to its most attentive visitors, those ready to embrace, with eyes and heart, its message of timeless beauty.


Location: Hotel Bauer, Venezia
Photographers: Facibeni Fotografia
Tailoring: Bencivenga Alta Sartoria
Florals: Centro Fiori
Hair&Makeup: Barbara Corso
Wedding Cake: Pasticceria Racca
Jewellery: Paolo Petrone
Stationery: Bee in love
Boat Service: Blitz Exclusive
Lights design: Rava Service
Table Rentals: Raggiano Noleggi
Location Partner: Holberry associates
Bridal Shoes: Bella & Belle shoes / Demas official

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