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Elegant wedding at Masseria Potenti

The magnificent Masseria Potenti set the scene for Aigerim and Sergey‘s “I do”. The Apulian sun greeted their union, wrapping them in a light that only the South can bestow.

Impression Weddings, with the meticulous care of Victoria, planned every detail, weaving the art of hospitality with impeccable organization. It is always a true pleasure to work with Victoria, whose ability to turn dreams into reality is matched only by the timeless beauty of these places.

Behind the lens, Alex Wysocki captured not just images, but genuine moments of pure emotion, managing to stop time with his sincere and intense photography. Collaborating with such a talented English photographer was an unforgettable experience that enriched the narrative of this unique day.

The music of Rinaldi Events resonated within the ancient walls, creating the perfect soundtrack for a celebration under the stars. And amidst the invitations and announcements, the stationery by Marta Lagna spoke the silent language of love.

With its authenticity and warmth, Masseria Potenti proved to be both home and stage for a day of celebration that will remain etched in hearts. For us at 2become1, every wedding is a journey, and on this journey, we have discovered corners of paradise, shared laughter, and the confirmation that love, in all its forms, is the true protagonist.


Wedding planner: Impression Weddings
Stationery: Marta Lagna


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