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Luxury wedding in Florence: top venues

A wedding in Florence is a dream for many couples. The Tuscan capital is a treasure trove of history, traditions, and culture, fully embodying the Italian style. That’s why it’s one of the favorite destinations for weddings! In this article, we’ve decided to gather 10 must-see villas, estates, hotels, and B&Bs for anyone dreaming of a luxurious wedding in Florence. And if you need a wedding videographer in Florence for that special occasion, contact us!

Villa Le Corti

Villa Le Corti is a historic estate in Chianti owned by the Corsini Princes. Can you imagine a place where the Tuscan hills, vineyards, and olive groves merge with the history of one of Italy’s oldest and most renowned families? That place is Villa Le Corti.

The estate consists of a Renaissance villa, square in shape, characterized by an internal courtyard with a stunning arched loggia. From the courtyard, one can enter the Sala delle Donne, the Sala dei Titoli, the Sala Clemente XII, and the Salone a Tramontana. On the ground floor, there is also a vast park, home to geometric Italian-style flowerbeds, centuries-old cypress trees, and a large lawn.

Unique in its kind is the historic wine cellar. Dating back to the 1600s, it’s spread over three underground levels and is the birthplace of the wines produced on the estate.

Villa Le Corti is located half an hour’s drive from Florence, a true gem for couples in love with Tuscany!

Villa di Lilliano

South of Florence, just 14km away, in the heart of the Chianti hills, stands Villa di Lillano. It’s a historic family estate, representing the pinnacle of Tuscan lifestyle. Here, amidst terraced gardens, courtyards, swimming pools, and over 70 hectares of vineyards and olive groves, one can have a dream wedding.

The estate comprises six finely restored houses. Each of them embodies the typical country retreat. First and foremost, there’s Casa La Corte, where one can experience living in a typical Tuscan noble residence. The five suites can accommodate up to 12 guests. La Corte is situated next to the Medicean Villa, with its gardens and courtyard, close to the Limonaia hall, the reception, and other venues.

La Torre, on the other hand, offers five independent houses. The name derives from its past: the building was once a lookout tower, which later became a convent and, eventually, a luxurious place of hospitality. Its walls have guarded ten centuries of history!

Villa Corsini

The history of Villa Corsini at Mezzomonte begins in the late Middle Ages. The structure is one of the last private homes of the De’ Medici family. It was indeed Lorenzo the Magnificent who purchased Villa Corsini at Mezzomonte in 1480. The frescoes and decorations were commissioned by one of the subsequent owners, the patron Prince Giovan Carlo de’ Medici, between 1630 and 1634. The Villa was acquired by the Corsini family in 1644.

The villa is just 7 km from the center of Florence, making it perfect for couples seeking an enchanting wedding venue just a stone’s throw from the Florentine capital.

Villa di Maiano

Built in the 1400s, Villa di Maiano is among the most prestigious wedding venues in Tuscany. Why? Its proximity to Florence: just 5 km away. Then there’s the beauty of the landscape, the lush green hills overlooking the city. Lastly, its ancient halls and park make it a true gem.

The monumental Tapestry Room on the ground floor, crowned with a majestic Florentine sandstone balustrade, is the villa’s main reception room. It’s the ideal place for splendid gala dinners and wedding receptions. Among the other rooms, the Red Lounge stands out, where the renowned director James Ivory filmed some scenes of his famous movie, “A Room with a View.”

It’s not just about splendid events: Villa di Maiano is a must-visit tourist spot. Among its attractions are Madame Elisabetta Corsini’s private parlor and her collection of antique dolls. Or the extensive library of precious volumes collected by Sir John Temple Leader, the third owner of Villa di Maiano, who made it his residence.

In short, Villa di Maiano is the perfect destination for an unforgettable destination wedding!

Villa La Vedetta

Hotel Villa La Vedetta

Villa La Vedetta is a romantic neo-renaissance villa converted into a 5-star hotel. The property hosts 18 extremely elegant rooms, but most notably boasts one of the most beautiful and unforgettable views of Florence. The panorama is absolutely unique, especially at night!

Villa La Vedetta is located a very short distance from the Ponte Vecchio. It is surrounded by an Italian garden and a centuries-old park, demonstrating how, in Tuscany, history, nature, and culture are all one!

Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence is located in the Palazzo della Gherardesca, one of the city’s most renowned buildings dating back to the 15th century, and in a 16th-century convent. Its halls house valuable artistic treasures: friezes, bas-reliefs, paintings, all finely restored.

For a perfect wedding in Florence, how can one not recommend the hotel’s garden? It spans 11 acres and is the largest in Florence. Constructed in the 15th century, its charming statues, fountains, and the small Ionic-style temple still retain all their ancient beauty. The modern-era added swimming pool does not diminish its allure; it enhances it.

The banquet can be organized in the magnificent Conventino ballroom or outdoors on the terrace. In short, beauty is at home at the Four Seasons!

Belmond Villa San Michele

Nestled among the hills above Florence, with a breathtaking view of the city, Belmond Villa San Michele is a true masterpiece, encapsulating both ancient frescoes and modern masterpieces. The hotel’s facade was designed by Michelangelo, one of the protagonists of the Italian Renaissance.

The hotel is set in a 15th-century former monastery. The Cenacolo hall was the monks’ dining room. In 1462, it was adorned with a marvelous fresco of the Last Supper. Thanks also to the simplicity of the furnishings, the large fireplace, and the high ceiling, the hall is perfect for hosting an elegant cocktail party.

For those who love relaxation, there’s a fantastic heated panoramic pool, overlooking the Arno Valley and Florence. And what about the gardens? Originally they were tended to by Franciscan monks, and even though five centuries have passed since then, they retain the same pristine beauty of their origins. For instance, inside you will find a 400-year-old wisteria, the only one in Florence to bloom twice a year.

All this makes Belmond Villa San Michele one of the most sought-after locations by couples from all over the world for a destination wedding in Florence!

Villa Le Fontanelle

A boutique hotel or, if you prefer, a luxury B&B with a breathtaking view of Florence. We are talking about Villa Le Fontanelle, whose history is simply extraordinary. Cosimo de’ Medici granted the dwelling, just more than a small peasant farm, to Marsilio Ficino. Here, Ficino, a renowned exponent of Florentine Humanism, translated the Platonic Codes and founded the Platonic Academy.

Over the centuries, the Villa has been inhabited by many families and has undergone several changes, which have enhanced the beauty and magic of the place. For example, John Francis Sloane gave the park its current appearance, also giving the villa a Gothic-inspired look.

Villa Le Fontanelle is an elegant and welcoming place, perfect for an intimate and private wedding, thanks also to the beautiful private chapel. For aperitifs and cocktails, the panoramic terrace is the ideal spot, while in case of rain, there’s always the refined indoor hall!

Villa Cora

Villa Cora in Florence is one of the most suitable locations for organizing sumptuous and elegant events. The villa is located within an age-old park that overlooks the Boboli Gardens, on the hills facing the historic center of Florence. It was built in the late nineteenth century as an aristocratic residence, and stands out for the heterogeneity of its artistic styles.

After being transformed into a hotel and undergoing a series of renovations, it is now one of the symbols of Florence. It is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding or for sophisticated receptions and cocktail parties, thanks to its beautiful rooms, the terrace, and the garden.

Borgo Santo Pietro

Eight hundred years ago, Relais Borgo Santo Pietro was a healing refuge for medieval pilgrims. Today, it is the intersection between a sanctuary and a five-star luxury hotel with a spa complex. All this within a 110-hectare estate, also famous for its “farm-to-plate” food philosophy.

The keyword is sophistication. The 20 rooms of the boutique hotel in the heart of Tuscany have been individually designed. Inside, you will find valuable antiques, hand-painted frescoes, and custom-made beds.

The luxury experience is combined with intimacy, ensured by bright interiors that overlook private gardens, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pools, and lounge areas. The suites are also interconnected to create a shared space with family and friends.

Are you looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding in Florence? Contact us!

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