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Giulia and Federico’s Wedding on Vogue Italy!

Giulia e Federico sposi a Mantova

Love defies distances and time. This is the case of Giulia and Federico‘s story. Their union is not just a testimony to an unbreakable bond but also the emblem of an unforgettable day, immortalized on the pages of Vogue.

The two met for the first time in Milan, thanks to mutual friends. After a long period of forced separation due to COVID, fate decided they should find each other again. The unexpected spark led them to the momentous decision: to choose to get married on September 23, 2023, the anniversary of their first meeting.

The wedding took place in Emilia Romagna, specifically in Modena, and was distinguished by the elegance and modernity of every detail. Giulia, an internationally renowned model, wore three stunning dresses (Danielle Frankel, Jacquemus, Francesco Murano). The ceremony was held at Villa Coccapani Pignatti Morano, which, despite the relentless rain, offered a perfect stage for a wedding with an intimate and enveloping atmosphere. The rain, in fact, contributed to creating a unique ambiance, providing photographic moments of rare beauty, with wonderful lights that made every instant even more magical.

The theme of the wedding was inspired by Gothic romanticism and Giulia’s love for Tim Burton. The choice of flowers, colors, and decorative details created a setting that encapsulated the passion and intensity of Giulia and Federico’s love.

Our role in this dream day was to capture every emotion, every smile, and every tear of joy, working closely with the planner to ensure everything was perfect. We are incredibly proud to share the publication of this wedding in Vogue, an acknowledgment that not only enhances the beauty and uniqueness of the event but also testifies to the commitment and passion we at 2become1 put into our work.

The publication in Vogue is not just a professional milestone but is confirmation that love remains the greatest inspiration for our work.

Thank you, Giulia and Federico, for letting us be part of your story!

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