Wedding in Cinque Terre

A marvellous destination wedding in Vernazza, the Ligurian gem. Enjoy the video!

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Vernazza, Cinque Terre. The buildings’ colorful facades shine in a day of May. Hannah‘s profile revives under her golden lock of hair and the look of those who have found their other half. Alex is super elegant and holds Hannah’s hand while they walk together through the streets of this Ligurian small town. A multitude of people is there to hug them, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Love, for them, is a colorful carousel they will never get off from.

During this random tour, the colors of the party blend with pledges of a life together. Hannah, who works as a photographer, forgets about setting and poses and let herself go to the dance, walk, and jokes. She throw candies out of a window, and each drop of this colorful rain is a kiss of freedom.

The English friends and family go with the flow. They play the game of the Ligurian gulf, of its catching nature. They fill themselves up with the Vernazza’s scents and shades. All of a sudden, life is as one of those songs that gives you goosebumps. When the night comes kissing the sunset on the tip of the lips, the miracle has come true. The couple and the guests, all tired, say goodbye to each other with their cheerful hearts full of joy after such a perfect day. That is a day mirroring one’s dreaming love.

Video Production: 2become1
Photographer: Ann-Kathrin Koch