Wedding in Apulia: Jumaan + Luca

Luca and Jumaan are the protagonists of a love story in a wonderful masseria in the Salento region of Puglia, Italy. Enjoy the video!

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There are no limits on Earth but only horizons. The fearless gaze is there to explore, the hands to be held, the bodies to hug each other. The voices combine themselves together and sing the hymn of hope.

Luca and Jumaan are the protagonists of a love story, a tale that is also the proof of two cultures meeting each other, a story of different languages and traditions melting together under the timeless sky of Apulia region.

Masseria Fulcignano’s walls have been polished by history. They witnessed so many people, so many stories. And today, these walls look furtively at the beginning of a new life together. Today it is Jumaan and Luca’s time.

Luca is an Italian man living in London. Jumaan is an Anglo-Lebanese woman. They both share a vegan life-style, a passion for traditions and, of course, a firm love. Their wedding day, exquisitely organized by Victoria Boukhanets, has the colour of olive trees and the sound of an old African aria blended into the energetic notes of pizzica songs.

“To share good times and hard times side by side”. Jumaan and Luca strong eye contact is the prelude for a nice laugh. Their voices hardly hold back the emotions. And finally, the kiss, happily celebrated from friends and relatives arrived from all over the world to burn this southern night.

Wild dances, hugs and laughs. The party is a joy of colours and sounds, a melting-pot of happiness, cheerfulness, and hope. Jumaan and Luca realised their dream. The lesson they thought us is a very important one. With their example, Jumaan and Luca showed that no limit is too hard to be overcome. Especially if the arms of your beloved are there to welcome you.

Production: 2become1
Photographers: Yulia
Location: Masseria Fulcignano (Contrada Orelle – Galatone, Lecce)
Wedding Planner:
Flower Design: Flower Addicted

Jumaan e Luca abbracciati
Jumaan, la bellissima sposa
Un particolare dell'allestimento del matrimonio