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Wedding on the Trabocchi Coast


On the Trabocchi coast the sun rises cherished by the whisper of the waves. You can hear them roaring, telling their stories to the rocks. It’s a sound, as old as the love that moves the Earth daily.

It’s among those rocks, at that seaside, that the love borns. Lisa e Andrea look for each other, chase after each other and finally end up in big kisses and caresses. They get an isolated bench from where they have a great view: it’s even easier to imagine a life together from here.

The landscape is on their same wavelength. The sea is offering its fortunes to honor this new beginning. It’s a perfect day here in the Abruzzi, painted in coral red. Lisa and Andrea’s is a perfect wedding to celebrate with a rich feast and endless cuddles. Only a few hours and the night will come. But tomorrow the sun will rise again from the sea peeking at this new story ready to be written.

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