Wedding in Matera

Playing and getting lost in the wonderful Matera: watch the video!

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Rising up on a hill, lost in a calm and quiet silence full of history, Matera is the perfect location for a unique wedding. Her beauty is timeless; it’s even doubled by the years passing. As love, true love, getting wiser and nicer as the days go.

Here, in this town in between of wild cliffs and uncontaminated shores, dug up in the famous Sassi, get lost and found each others again is a blink of an eye. The main characters of this inspiration wedding video know it. They chase each other in the foggy countrysides, they play with clothes hung up on the terrace of Le Monacelle hotel, in the old town, a place that used to host unmarried women who didn’t want to become nuns. They pledge eternal love in the Church of Saint Mary of Idris, a peculiar construction in the stones embellished with incredibly shiny frescos full of emotions. Finally, they also let themselves go to cuddles, tired but happy while they play the marvellous game of love.

Matera welcomed and hosted us as the town has been knowing us forever. But what turned everything so amazing was the company of a great team led by Benevent Planner. The result is a video full of splendor that shows you the beauty of a unique landscape and shines with true emotions, those that a pure and innocent love can give you.