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Same sex wedding in Liguria

Harmony is a matter of time and precision. Moderate gesture, full of love, follow one another to create something unique. Just like the motions of a dancer – well-planned, elegant and full of energy. Or like a fine sandy beach to plunge your fingers into and caress the grains, finding yourselves full of astonishment for all that careful labor of creation.

Noli (Savona). The strand runs for kilometers surrounded by the embrace of the mediterranean scrub. In the morning, the loudest noises come from the waves swashing on the shore, and from the seagulls songs. Here, on this tiny and precious jewel of the Ligurian coast, Paolo and Danilo started their life together. They did it in a way as special as their union – a yoga lesson honored a new sun rising and a new love blossoming.

Their body sketched uniform trajectories in the fresh air of the morning. Close enough to brush their skin against each other, they never touched. Nevertheless, you could feel the strong bond keeping them together. After all, their relationship is a proof of hard training. Indeed, Paolo and Danilo lived a long distance relationship before the “yes”. During those 9 years, they had always been close to each other, at least emotionally. The attractive energy of their fit bodies – Paolo is a yoga teacher and Danilo is a photographer and dancer – never weakened.

Meanwhile, really close, the Paradiso di Manù was sprucing its room up for the marriage. The day after, friends and relatives from all over the World crowded those rooms and the marvellous terrace overlooking the sea. Danilo’s sister officiated at the Hindu ceremony. The guests first declaimed an harmonious mantra, then enjoyed the amusing swing dances.

Everything was perfect. Paolo and Danilo, touched and refined, fulfilled the air with smiles and serenity. In the background, the sea kept swashing in a dreamy atmosphere. And then, when even the last dance was over, in the air still remained the emotion of an incredible show. The eternal magic of love keeps happening, always unique and amazing.

Video Production: 2become1
Wedding Planner: Laura Bravi
Photography: Carla Penoncelli
Venue: Il Paradiso di Manu
Flowers: Il Profumo dei Fiori
Cake: Le Dolcezze di Liz
Rings: My Golden Age
Music: Free Shots

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