Romantic Wedding in Italy

Claudio and Chiara big day in Convento dell’Annunciata, Medole. Enjoy the video!

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Convent of the Annunciata, town of Medole, Italy. The path leading to a merry table is a concealed little wood full of the smell of wild mulberries. It’s not about fairy godmothers’ tricks but simply about the endless magic of Claudio and Chiara’s love living their magnificent wedding day.

The countryside of Mantova, with its timeless charm, welcomes the couple with the cuddle of warm lights and the elegance of dimness. The big halls, the immense park and the tiny secret garden talk about old and prestigious stories. Claudio and Chiara look proud, nothing can scare them. The only thing that really counts in that afternoon of July is their love story.

If you know how to stay close to me,
and we will still be different,
if the sun shines on both of us
without our shadows overlapping,
if we can be “us” amidst the world
and together with the world, cry, laugh, live…

Passion and authentic pledges echo from these words by Neruda that perfectly adorn the ceremony.

Chiara, marvelously wrapped up in her white dress, listen to them with her eyes wide-opened while Claudio keeps reciting the poem. That’s the time of their lives, in a garden smelling of mulberries, surrounded by the fondness of the family and friends and with the summer (and the whole life) full of great chances to come.

The sun goes down and lanterns take its place. Rose bushes are full of bouncing fireflies. Here it comes the overwhelming joy and the unrestrained dance up to late at night. The drowsiness of waking up after a sweet dream is what will remain the day after. No worries:

If every day we find out who we are
and the memory of how we were,
if we give to each other
without knowing who will be the first and who the last
if your body sing with mine because together it’s joy…

So it will be love,
and it has not been in vain to wait for each other so much.

Video Production: 2become1
Location: Convento dell’Annunciata – Medole (Mantova)
Wedding Photographer: Christian Fossati
Wedding Planner: Melodia Eventi
Flower Design: I Giardini Di Giava
Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bridal Dress: Le sposa di Giò

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