Ponza Island

A location scouting video set in the wonderful Ponza Island, in the Mediterranean Sea

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The emerald Tyrrhenian sea embraces the Ponza Island. It is an old land surfaced from the volcano dust, a place full of wild nature and marvellous myths, a tiny piece of Heaven for those like us always looking for beauty and stories.

As travel companions Monica Leggio and La Rosa Canina guys and Shhh My Darling, together we shared emotional sunrises and sunsets, trekking and breath-taking landscapes. Caves, broom and prickly pears, the cliffs falling down to the sea, bays where light and shadows play on the rocks creating hypnotic and shimmering shapes.

Everything in Ponza is full of magic. When the ferry is setting out you know that, on those wind-blown soft beaches  you leave a piece of your heart. No worries, no farewells are here, only goodbyes.

Wedding Videographer: Jessica Ballerini