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Guendalina and Gioele engagement in London

Have you ever experienced that feeling you have waking up in the morning and looking at someone else’s eyes still dreaming next to you? Here, in this bedroom, Gioele and Guendalina‘s eyes still keep the same glimpse as the first time.

It was in London, Carnaby Street, four years ago: they bumped into each other eyes under a misty rain. Only one moment and they had already realized they were meant to be soulmates. Their looks are as lively as they were that day, you can find them chasing after each other as in a dreaming carousel. They mirror a domestic cosiness and the desire to live together.

Guendalina opens her eyes up, she looks at Gioele to be sure she’s not dreaming. And she’s not: it’s all true. When the hug comes, the sun is shining in the window.

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