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Folk wedding in Casalanguida

Casalanguida is an adorable village peeking out from the hills of the Abruzzi region. It turned out to be, for a day, the perfect setting for the rough but still dreamy wedding of Max and Sia.

You could feel the magic of the day from the moment the bride dressed herself up in the house of her grandparents, a place full of vintage objects keeping stories and memories of the family. Sia had a terrific wedding gown. An old song resonated in her throat and she started singing it out loud. Her face betraied the happiness of the wait and the emotions of her new life to come, the one she will build up with her partner, Max.

The groom, sourrounded by the fondness of his friends and relatives arrived from all over Europe, was waiting for her soulmate in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, a place that, with its historical architecture from the XIV century, added a further splendour to the mood retro you could feel in the air that day. Time for pledges (in Italian for her and in English for him), then the kiss sealing the birth of a new chapter together and finally big dances.

The whole town celebrated their party. The band made way for Max and Sia to a simple banquet. Tastes, colours and traditional musics echoed through the streets of Casalanguida. The old grannies were all absorbed by kneading the dough for tagliatelle in their traditional dresses. The long tables hosted the relatives excited for the couple.

Max and Sia celebrated with kisses, songs and dances up to late at night, well-lighted by thousand of lanterns and a special and charming spectator: the moon. When the last note had been played and the last guest had gone, what remained was the feeling of a unique day, an amazing feast announcing – we are sure! – a love that will bring happiness and laugh for their whole life.

Wedding Videographer: Jessica Ballerini, Vlad Moraru
Location: Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena, Casalanguida – Abruzzo
Wedding Photographer: Zonzo Web

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