Giacomo + Sophie engagement

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The simplest is the best. As drinking a cup of tea or eating mandarins, or looking in somebody eyes to say “I love you”. Tocco da Casauria is a marvellous village in the Maiella National Park, Abruzzi. Here Giacomo and Sophie live their fairytale, a story with a genuine feel.

Their destination wedding is a crescendo of caresses, kisses and hugs. The music is not the marvellous one Giacomo plays with his piano, for once. It’s the wind blowing a tender melody that builds up a bridge from Belgium, where Sophie was born to the Abruzzi mountains. After a pillow fight and a sweet walk Giacomo and Sophie look into each other’s eyes.

There is the whole world in that look, a joy that don’t need any word. As tender and sincere as the mandarin smell or a sip of tea in a winter afternoon.

Wedding Videographer: Jessica Ballerini