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Duane and Carina Wedding in Val d’Orcia

“Duane, my one and only, love of my life, I’m so happy It’s you…” Carina’s voice trembles with emotion, her eyes are wet with tears. Terre di Nano, Tuscany, a 19th-century country estate surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, and woods, in the heart of Val d’Orcia Artistic, Natural, and Cultural Park. Such a historic building, where culture and nature meets, hosts the wedding of a gorgeous couple. The merging of two destinies, in the pursuit of romanticism and elegance.

“Thank you for making me the happiest man in this room today”. Duane is radiant. Their emotion melts in a passionate kiss, along with the applause of friends and relatives. Outside, the sky is gloomy, but it doesn’t matter since the joy brightens everything up. Indeed, the evening weather allows a ball and the wedding cake to take place in the garden.

A fantastic, intense, and captivating day is over. For Carina and Duane, it is the start of a new life together; for us, it is another delightful emotion that we will keep in our hearts forever.


Videographers: Jessica&Vlad – 2Become1
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Location: Terre di Nano

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