Chris + Caterina engagement

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Blue is the color of the sky, blue is the water and the winter. But who said that blue is a cold hue? At the lake shore, close to a marina or on a small boat, Chris and Caterina warm the atmosphere up with kisses and caresses of people that have nothing more to ask of  fate.

A clear horizon is in the background of this December day so, why don’t add some innovative shade? Here we have colorful smokes and the odd faces by Chris immediately mixed with Caterina’s hug. All around, the wild nature of the Marche region is absolutely breath-taking tied up with the unique atmosphere full of love.

Looking in each other’s eyes, breathing in each other’s ears: Chris and Caterina move together as one soul. Under the shades of a pastel blue, they hide tender emotions, as soft sprouts. Blue is the warmest color ever, isn’t it? A destination wedding in Italy we won’t easily forget.

Wedding Videographer: Jessica Ballerini
Location: Marche