Wedding inspiration in Marche

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Desiderio. It’s a shiver running down your spine, energy in runs-up, a strong embrace and a bond of tears and laughter. It’s a nostalgic future – because each new beginning is built upon old memories. Similarly, the idyllic love of Francesco and Daiana is made of wood and silver, stucco and ancient walls.

It’s a romantic escape towards the happy ending that awaits, elegantly masterminded by Honey and Cinnamon and embellished with pictures by Michael and Carina.

Thanks to this charming wedding you can lose yourself in the timeless beauty of Italian style.

Kisses, caresses and emphatic smiles in rooms full of memories or throughout the countryside of the Marche region, surround the story of two lovers whose only wish is to end up together.

Wedding Videographer: Jessica Ballerini, Vlad Moraru, Emanuela Di Filippi
Photographer: Michael and Carina