2become1 among the world’s top video wedding videographers,according to The Lane!

25 August 2019
Jessica e Vlad di 2become1 (Foto: Zonzo)

The last year has been very important for us. A year of hard work, experiments, desire to grow. For this reason we were extremely pleased to read an Instagram post of The Lane in which our name is among the top wedding videographers in the world. We are with many and very good colleagues, some of whom we know personally, and above all we have very much esteem of them. Another reason for proudness.

We would also like to say thank you to all of you, dear followers, who choose us, who are excited by our videos. You should know, however, that for us this is only a small step, however important, and we will continue to improve and experiment, to research and tell the beauty in every form.

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