A Rustic Folk Wedding in Abruzzo, Italy

5 September 2018
Max and Sia

The ingredients for a perfect rustic folk wedding? A delicious medieval town among the hills of Abruzzo, a splendid couple in love, a whole village celebrating at the rhythm of a marching band playing some old tunes, of those capable of warming up the hearts and making feet move.

Casalanguida, August 2015. It’s here that Max and Sia are writing the first page of their new life together. A dreamy rustic folk wedding, touching since the moment of the bride’s dressing. We were at the grandparents’ place when Sia wore her fantastic dress, an early 20th century wedding dress. In a room full of typical Abruzzese objects, the radio was singing an old Rita Pavone song: Sia sang, forgetting everything and everybody for a moment, on her face the joy of the expectation, of her desire coming true.

The ceremony moved to the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, a splendid example of a 14th century architecture (then renovated during the 19th century). The ceremony was simple and traditional, embellished by an exchange of vows in their two native languages: he spoke in Italian, she spoke in Dutch. After the Mass, it was clear to everyone how even Max was being carried away by the vintage Italian Style atmosphere. Although he is Dutch, the groom looked unexpectedly at ease in driving the three-wheeled Ape!

What must every rustic folk wedding have? A party in the local village! Complete with traditional flavours, colours and music. And, ideally, women wearing traditional dresses stretching out the dough for tagliatelle, long wooden tables on the square, accordions and wild dancing. After getting off the Ape in the centre of Casalanguida, wounded up with joy and thrill, Max and Sia fully honoured that magical atmosphere.

It is incredible to think back at the whole village in feast, at the excitement enlightening the streets and alleys of Casalanguida, at Max and Sia, at their tender holding, kissing, without ever stopping smiling and laughing. If the essence of happiness is inside simple and genuine things, Max and Sia’s wedding was one of those celebrations lasting a lifetime.


(All pics by Zonzo)

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