Jamie and Eric on Vogue Italy!

14 March 2023

A few days ago we gave you the news of Jamie and Eric’s wedding being featured on Vogue. Today we are happy to announce a new release, this time on Vogue Italia!

The wedding was held in Ischia in July 2021, in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. Ischia, a gem of the Amalfi Coast, was the perfect choice for Jamie, who has Italian roots and fell in love with the Mediterranean landscape during a vacation with Eric.

The photos published in Vogue Italia fully showcase an exclusive, elegant wedding, carefully curated down to the smallest details, including Jamie’s custom-made dress, created by the bride herself in search of a touch of originality.

Eric and Jamie were the protagonists of a memorable celebration, where elegance and style came together in a perfect mix. Their wedding was an exclusive event that will remain long in the memory of all of us!

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