Flying over Saint Galgano Abbey, Tuscany

5 September 2018
San Galgano Abbey

The Abbey of Saint Galgano, in Tuscany, is among the most incredible places our job has brought us to. The magnificent building, located about thirty kilometres from Siena, in Chiusdino municipality, is a well-known tourist destination and, most importantly, a great location for gorgeous weddings!

The legend recounts that the abbey was founded by Saint Galgano, who decided, after a troubled youth, to “retire to a hermit life in order to consecrate his existence to penitence with the same intensity he had previously dedicated to debauchery” (source: Wikipedia). Beside the abbey lies the hermitage, inside which you find the “sword in the stone”. It’s the sword that the saint stuck in the soil turning it into a cross. It’s not the legendary King Arthur’s sword, but the similarities are obvious.

Nevertheless, the abbey itself is the most evocative sight. The lack of the roof, which is among the peculiarities of this magnificent place, allows more attention to the precocities of the architecture and, above all, offers a breath-taking view. The lack of pavement allows, during spring time, the pleasant sensation of walking over a delicate grass field.

We have made many wedding videos inside Saint Galgano Abbey and yet every time we come back we are overcome by emotions. We would like to share them with you through this short clip, in which the drone gives us the illusion of gliding, free and cheerful, over one of the most beautiful wedding locations.


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