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Inspiration wedding at Villa Malacari

Ah, Italy! Land of saints, poets, and breathtaking landscapes, brimming with charm and history. Like Villa Malacari, a magnificent 17th-century architectural gem overlooking the 15th-century village, the fortress of Offagna.

We at 2become1 are accustomed to seeking beauty in everything: it’s our lifeblood and our guide. So, when Federica Beni, also known as Honey and Cinnamon, proposed an inspiration wedding in the Marche countryside, we couldn’t refuse!

Our travel companions were two photographers from another world – in the most literal sense: Michael and Carina. Coming straight from Yorktown, Carolina, they brought their incredible art – strictly analog – to serve a dreamy inspiration.

Villa Malacari, with its walls smoothed by time, ceilings adorned with stucco, libraries filled with wisdom, and the soft, honey-colored light filtering through the large windows, became somewhat our time machine. With Federica’s fantastic setups, it transformed into the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway. And if, while viewing Michael and Carina’s shots and our video, you sense a special chemistry between the engaged couple, it’s because Francesco and Daiana are a (beautiful) couple in real life too.

Contributing to the alchemy of “desire” were also the dress by Maria Luisa Rabell, accessories by Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart, the hairstyle and makeup by Organic Brides, the floral design by Isà Events, calligraphy by September Letters, shoes by Mascia Mandolesi, ribbons by Silk and Willow, and the wedding cake by La Fabbrica dei Dolci. Impeccable professionals and wonderful individuals, with whom a synergy was born that we hope can materialize in other projects.

A gorgeous sunny day, the magical calm of the countryside, a captivating venue, true love in the eyes of a young couple. At Villa Malacari, on an August afternoon, desire turned into beauty, gifting us moments of genuine emotion.

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