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Flying over the Abbey of San Galgano

Among the most incredible places our profession has taken us to is the Abbey of San Galgano in Tuscany. This magnificent structure, about thirty kilometers from Siena, in the municipality of Chiusdino, has long been a destination for tourists and, above all, a venue for beautiful weddings!

Legend has it that the abbey was founded by San Galgano, who, after a tumultuous youth, “retired to a hermitic life to give himself to penance, with the same intensity with which he had previously given himself to dissipation” (source: Wikipedia). Next to the abbey stands the hermitage, inside of which, in a display case, is the “sword in the stone”: it is a sword that the saint thrust into the ground to create a cross. It’s not the sword from the legend of King Arthur, but the similarities are evident.

However, it is undoubtedly the abbey that offers the most charm. One of the peculiarities of this magnificent place is certainly the absence of a roof, which highlights the architectural details and above all offers a breathtaking view. The lack of flooring provides, in spring, the delightful sensation of walking on a delicate grassy carpet.

We have made many wedding videos inside the Abbey of San Galgano, but returning is always an indescribable emotion. We want to share a bit of it with you through this short clip, in which the drone gives us the illusion of soaring, free and carefree, over one of the most beautiful wedding locations (and not only) ever!

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